The Chronicles of Narnia: Always Winter Never Christmas

December 20, 2018

In wrapping up our Christmas movie reviews before taking our holiday break, Cass and Pastor Robin tackle an oldie but a goodie: The Chronicles of Narnia.

Around the time of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia was a fantasy movie series that was geared towards a more family-friendly audience. This is clear not only in the messaging of the source material itself, but the way it was adapted for the silver screen. While a little long and maybe a bit scary for 5 or 6 year-olds, Pastor Robin and Cass totally recommend this movie for a holiday movie night for kids older than 7. 

Snuggle up and pop some corn; it's time for Married to the Media!

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Kinda Broke Our Hearts.

December 12, 2018

Robin and Cass went to the movies last week to see the new release, "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2". Cass in particular did a lot of research amongst her friends to see what people's perspective was, and though it's been received very well by critics and audiences, our hosts aren't sold on the premise.

And "sold" might just be the operative word here. Cass and Pastor Robin both feel that this movie, not unlike the similarly-themed Emoji Movie of 2016, plays like a giant commercial for Disney and its advertising partners. As Vanellope and Ralph explore the internet and engage in modern e-commerce, a lot of messaging is packed into their chaotic adventure that might go over the heads of the adults watching- while disturbing their kids. 

We know it's not a popular opinion, but we're not into this latest release from Disney. Hear why on this week's episode of Married to the Media!

Angela’s Christmas: A Nice Middle Ground between Santa and Jesus for Little Kids

December 9, 2018

In keeping with the theme of Christmas movies, Pastor Robin and Cass took to Netflix to hunt down some new, easily available watches for the season. While there are quite a few duds to wade through, Pastor Robin did find a hidden gem based on a story by Frank McCourt- Angela's Christmas.

If you're struggling to find a more Christian-themed Christmas tale that isn't a straight retelling of the birth of Jesus, Angela's Christmas is a good middle-ground. Dickensian in nature, taking place in 20th century Ireland and focusing on a poor Catholic family, this narrative follows 5-year-old Angela when she steals the baby Jesus from her church's nativity scene in order to get him a blanket so he doesn't freeze in the Church. 

Pretty cute premise, right? A children's presentation through and through, this movie has a child-like feel, in that it paces and reads like it's from the memory of a child, instead of being written for a child- all members of the family should find something familiar and relatable in Angela's Christmas. Here's Cass and Pastor Robin's Hot Take on the Netflix Original for the holiday season.

A Classic for Today’s Times: It’s a Wonderful Life

December 2, 2018

It's officially December, which means you've probably just run out of Thanksgiving leftovers and are finally ready to dive headfirst into the Christmas Spirit. Pastor Robin and Cass certainly are! This week they start off the holiday movie reviews with It's a Wonderful Life: the 1946 darling of American cinema and holiday movie marathons everywhere. 

This is actually the first time Cass has ever seen this movie- and she's quite surprised at how applicable the post-WWII movie is to the struggles of lower-middle class Americans today: specifically millennials. She and Robin comment on the moral conflicts the Baileys face throughout the movie, and why they think this story is so important for today's audiences. 

If you have a favorite Christmas movie you'd like to recommend for Cass and Robin to watch, send your suggestions to our facebook page at! 

Pixar’s Coco: How to Blend Personal Growth with Cultural and Family Tradition

October 29, 2018

In celebration of the season, Cass and Pastor Robin watched Pixar's Coco earlier this month. They're absolutely in love with this story and all of the messages that come across. In this episode, Cass and Robin talk family values, strong parental figures, dealing with loss, growing up, and ways this film can help you and your family talk about these important topics. 

We tried really hard not to spoil it for you- so listen and enjoy!

Christianity, Science, Drag Queens, and other Mysteries of the Universe: Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time

October 28, 2018

Pastor Robin and Cass dive deep into Christian theology this week in their wrap-up of Disney's A Wrinkle In Time (as part of their "What You Can Watch on Netflix" series!). Based on Madeline l'Engel's book of the same name, A Wrinkle in Time is a fantastical sci-fi adventure that hones in on those oft-depicted angsts of teenager-dom. Meg, our main character, is struggling with school and her social life while being preoccupied with the mysterious disappearance of her father. Her little brother, Charles Wallace, while wonderful, is an eccentric and precocious boy who is also teased mercilessly by his classmates. He enlists the help of some magical women to take him, Meg, and their friend Calvin on a journey to find their missing father. 

We explore the message of ubiquitous love, truth, and the spiritual implications in A Wrinkle in Time, as well as our nerdy film-critic takes on the artistic direction and how it helps the messages hit home. And maybe comment on Oprah's make-up a little bit.

Halloween: A Christian and Pagan History, and How to Handle Holiday Advertising

October 17, 2018

We go seasonal this month in Married to the Media as we begin to address the ever-looming problem of the Holidays: how do we keep up with all the advertising? How can we tie in the holidays to our faith traditions? And is it all about candy, or do all these spending-filled crazy days have a lingering spiritual meaning?

Pastor Robin and Cass address all of these concerns in their Halloween episode! If you're concerned about occult messages and want to know how to talk about the season with your kids, or are just looking for inexpensive costume ideas, we've got you covered on this week's Married to the Media!

The Responsibility of Storytelling: How Disney Dropped the Ball with Queen of Katwe

September 30, 2018

"When there are stories that are important... there's a responsibility to that story and to that lesson, especially when it's based on a real person."

This week on Married to the Media, Robin and Cass reflect on their very different experiences with watching the movie Queen of Katwe. A powerful story about a young girl in Uganda who learns to play chess and break her family out of extreme poverty, Queen of Katwe is the type of biography filmmakers strive to turn into cinematic art- a true story that can inspire the masses. Think of Seabiscuit, Memoirs of a Geisha, Slumdog Millionaire: award-winning accounts and films that stick with us because of their poignant lessons and beautiful storytelling. 

The film follows Phiona Mutesi, 3-time Ugandan Women's Junior Champion in Chess, and her journey from the back streets of Katwe, Kampala's largest slum, to international grandmaster. But where raw material is present in spades, the refining of this gem of a tale is butchered by Disney. Poor dialogue editing and recording, choppy film editing, and a poor blend of cinematic genre throw the story under the rug for the first half of the film, only to barely recover in time for the powerful ending. 

While Robin recommends this film to teach important character values and lessons, Cass thinks this isn't the best biopic to show in class. Hear their reasons and their criticisms for the studio in this week's episode of Married to the Media!

Finding Nemo: The Spiritual Truth That Love Is Stronger Than Fear

September 15, 2018

This week on Married to the Media, Cass and Robin talk about one of the modern classics: Finding Nemo. What makes this movie a classroom favorite to this day, despite being over 15 years old? 

They've talked before about the common trope of parents dying in the beginning of Disney movies. But Cass argues that there's a higher purpose to the narrative structure of Nemo. While it may be a little too much for your little ones under 5, Finding Nemo has poignant spiritual lessons for children and adults of all ages. Take a listen to hear how the structure of the story can give us a deeper understanding of spirituality, death and rebirth, letting go, the difficulties of fatherhood, as well as raising our kids (or growing up) in a dangerous world. 

Transformers: Where to Even Begin?

September 8, 2018

2007 was a different time. In the height of America's involvement in the conflict in the Middle East, the US Military started to invest in more than just defense spending- they started making deals with movie studios and directors. Transformers was one of the first movies of this decade to feature actual military vehicles in it, and in exchange the Pentagon got to review- and change- the script. 

And boy, do Cass and Robin have some problems with the script of Transformers. Not just the script, either: text and subtext mingle to create a whole host of problematic issues in this movie, from sexism and racism to leaving an audience confused about what they even just saw. Who's watching this movie? Who is it marketed to? Who is it for? Or is it just Michael Bay being Michael Bay?

Let's talk Transformers in this week's episode of Married to the Media!